Return Policy

1. Online purchase of goods currently does not support online self-submission of refunds. If you need a refund, please contact customer service to apply for a refund. During the refund process, you should abide by the refund service rules and operating procedures of this clause.
2. Refund process: You call the agent phone to apply for a refund. After the customer service accepts and meets the refund conditions, we will refund the payment to the user's payment account without interest according to the refund service terms and rules. The arrival time is subject to the payment channel and the actual arrival time of the bank; if the payment interval is long and cannot be returned according to the original payment channel, we can use other methods to refund as appropriate. Except the following goods/services:
(1) It has been consumed and there is no sufficient evidence to prove that the goods/services provided by the merchant have defects that have a substantial impact on the user's purchase or other circumstances that are inconsistent with the service information published by the platform;
(2) Commodities damaged due to abnormal use and storage;
(3) Goods/services that are clearly marked as "refunds at any time without consumption" are clearly indicated in the platform service information.
3. Refund instructions for vouchers/coupons
(1) The total amount of refund will be deducted from the amount of used vouchers/coupons, and the remaining amount will be refunded according to the refund process; unused services will not be refunded separately. The corresponding amount.
(2) If the voucher/coupon is used to deduct part of the amount in the order, the voucher/coupon will be automatically restored after the refund is successful.
4. Refunds for comprehensive services and multiple gift packages: Once a gift package has been used for one or one service, refunds are not supported.